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Be Comfortable in Your Skin

3 Things by Jessica Wolstenholm, Grace for Moms

3 Things by Jessica Wolstenholm, Grace for Moms


I spent the better part of my adult years thinking I needed to be different… or ironically, not different… or just like everyone else.

Constantly falling prey to the enemy of comparison, I sized myself up and usually decided I should change to meet some quiet standard I was actually just imposing on myself.

Perhaps it’s because motherhood is exhausting. Or maybe I’m just growing up. But I really don’t have time to deal with changing myself every time I encounter a new idea or a seemingly perfect person to compare myself to.

Five years into this motherhood thing—and almost 37 years into my life—I’m finally learning to celebrate my uniqueness.

And as I watch my children grow and revel in the beautiful little people they are, I find I’m becoming more comfortable in who I am.

Life’s too interesting to expect we’ll all be the same. Let’s learn be comfortable in our own skin.



I love to shop. It’s one of my guilty pleasures, a bad habit {so says my husband} and actually, a gifting of mine.

But having two small children, it’s challenging to go from store to store on any given day.

About a year ago, I started to hear that there were private Facebook groups where people in communities listed and sold their stuff. When I heard they had started one in my small town, I immediately joined.

In the past six months, I’ve made hundreds of dollars selling clothing, toys and housewares we were no longer using. I’ve also found many items for my kids and myself for a fraction of what I would pay retail.

The best part: when I drive the mile or two around town to pick up my finds, I don’t even have to take my kids out of the car as I walk up to my neighbor’s front porch to grab my purchase!

Think of it as an online yard sale. If you aren’t aware of a group in your community, search one out or start your own. Not only has this outlet met my need for a shopping fix, it also provides amazing bargains and connection to my neighbors. I’ve met so many women through our little group.

Be careful though, it’s addicting. You can easily get sucked into checking the group all day long, everyday, so you don’t miss a find.


Before I started my career, I worked through college for a national make up company.

I remember we used to “reprimand” women for using under eye concealer on their eyelids. Because it’s not formulated for this sensitive area of skin, we always recommended a product made especially for the lid. An “eye shadow base” it was often called.

There was only one problem with this—it required a woman to purchase two extra eye cosmetics—one for under the eye and one for the lid. It always seemed a bit excessive to me.

So you can imagine my delight when I discovered that Neutrogena had created a 3-in-1 product that was formulated for all over the eye!

Neutrogena’s 3-in-1 Concealer for Eyes is a must-have product in your makeup bag. Smooth and soft, this concealer covers under eye circles {hello tired mama} and also acts as an eye shadow base for your lid. One product with two miracle purposes that all moms must have to brighten their eyes.


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