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Being Together is Enough

3 Things by Shawn Ledington Fink, Awesomely Awake

3 Things by Shawn Ledington Fink, Awesomely Awake


I used to be that mother with a stash of projects ready to go at any moment. File folders of every possible creative project. Planners with itineraries. Email folders with recipes.

I had plans, baby. Big plans.

Heaven forbid we hit a low point with, gasp, nothing to do.

And then there was this: I wanted my daughters to be everything, try everything, know everything before they even started Kindergarten.


At some point I realized we don’t have to do everything the Internet tells us to do.

You can happily and fondly ignore all those crafts, art projects and DIY projects on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook and they will be just fine.

You can decline buying the best of everything from those blogs you read.

It’s perfectly fine to stick to the basics, the simple — the s.l.o.w. — even just for today or this week or this month.

And, it’s also wonderfully OK to do those things and do them imperfectly.

Life will resume as normal when you wake up tomorrow without the latest gadgets. Things. Stuff. Projects. Busyiness.

None of it is the solution to what you are seeking.

It’s enough to just sit and admire the trees and walk under the clouds, isn’t it?

It’s enough to wake up and notice how the sun sits in the sky?

It’s enough to lay in bed late and read a book and maybe not even read the words but imagine the story and even predict our own unique endings.

It’s enough to just talk and laugh and be silly together where words like burp and fart are just as common as the giggles.

It’s enough to roam and explore and wonder and search and dream and wish and hope.

Being together is enough.

And they will be fine.

Just fine.

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Here’s an easy way to help instill a positive attitude in children.

When you see a pouty face on your child — or yourself — there’s one simple and easy way to turn that around.

Profess this one rule, like we have at our house: “No one can take your JOY. No one.”

When I tell my daughter this, she instantly smiles and finds her center and carries on with her day. It’s simple and effective.

And, like magic, it works for me also!

Shawn and the Girls for Guest Post


I’m a gratitude goddess. I love to talk about my gratitude practice and how it’s sustained me through very hard times the last several years.

Keeping track of the good in life keeps my energy up and a smile on my face. But, it’s not always easy to remember all the tiny details.

That’s why I love this great little app called Gratitude 365 Journal App.

Simply snap a photo, write a note and keep track of the goodness in your life!

This simple task is one of the most effective ways to turn around a negative experience.


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