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3 Things by Stacey Ferguson, Justice Fergie

3 Things by Stacey Ferguson, Justice Fergie


You can’t do it alone.

This motherhood thing is a trip, right? We’re blessed with the task of raising responsible, respectable, and productive people, without any parenting degree or doctorate in psychology. On top of that, we’re to live our lives as role models for our little ones, all the while maintaining a home, (maybe) a marriage and finding time for ourselves.

So many days out of my week, this concept seems laughable. And yet we power through. We have great days and crappy days, but each is a testament to our resolve and uncanny ability to DO.

If we’re being honest though, we truly aren’t doing it all alone. Nor should we be. If we take a moment to stop and look around to see who’s helping us hold things together, we’ll probably notice a (weary) husband or grandparent or a mentor or a sibling or caregiver in the background, cheering us on and lifting us up on a regular basis.

Let’s not take them for granted!

Oftentimes — myself included — we are so busy being busy that we forget to love on our support system.  And trust me, I realize that this might be easier said than done because chances are, we are part of other’s support systems too, and it’s so easy to say, “What about me? What about all that I’m doing?”  I know, because I’m guilty of it.

And then I have to remind myself that I could not be doing “all” that I’m doing without my husband, who bears the burden of being the primary breadwinner, so I can pursue my entrepreneurial dreams.  Or my sister, who makes time in her crazy fun and busy life to babysit the kiddos when we need it. Or my mama who listens to me blabber on about extracurricular activities and blogging woes and the like.

And so I’ve resolved to be more grateful {and show my gratefulness} to my support team. It’s like having my very own Help Desk for my own company called Life. And no one even complains about the lack of benefits 😉



I have a friend who avoids eating out with her kids entirely because she doesn’t feel like dealing with the drama.

To me, that is such a shame, because our family enjoys the ‘dining out’ experience. Granted, it wasn’t always awesome — but once we figured out this little gem of a tip, dining out with our brood has been light years easier:

As soon as we are seated at a restaurant, we place the kids’ orders.

If there’s a wait to be seated, we ask for the menu while we’re waiting so that we can be prepared to order right away. By the time their food arrives, Hubby and I have had the chance to actually read the menu, without feeling rushed to order — and the kids are full and happy by the time it’s our turn to eat.  Try it. Trust me.

You might even be able to sip a cocktail.



You’ve heard it before: drink 8 glasses of water per day for all sorts of health benefits.

But if you’re like me, drinking water seems like such a waste when there are so many more exciting (and flavorful) options for beverages. What’s been key to my increased water intake over the last few weeks is my trusty CamelBak water bottle. The design makes it so easy to drink and actually works to have you consume more water than you normally would using other typical water bottles.  Plus? They’re pretty. I have one in green and one in blue.

I got my first one for free from an unrelated blogging gig, and I’ve been sold ever since.


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