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3 Things by Heather Flett, Rookie Moms

3 Things by Heather Flett, Rookie Moms


It is all about the trade-offs.

As the mom of three little boys, I’m finally learning to be comfortable with where I put my priorities and let other things go. I am the chief Type – A control freakiest mom I know, yet I still realize that I can’t get everything done every day for everyone. I must choose the one thing I really care about and pursue that.

Some days, I cook for my kids and other days we settle for take-out or super fast cheater meals (hot dogs or quesadillas if you’re wondering). Today, I signed my son up for a fancy camp at our kickass university (UC Berkeley, heard of it?) so as far as I’m concerned he can spend the rest of his summer at the cheaper city camp digging in the mud.


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End the playdate before it begins. One brilliant trick I learned from my partner-in-crime, Whitney, is to clearly state the end time of a play date or party before it gets going. It’s so much easier to figure out in advance if they’ll be clearing out before naptime or dinner than once things are rolling. Trust me, I’ve done it both ways.


A fellow blogger and baby-mama, Sabrina, turned me on to this Holliday Dress from Five Bamboo and I love it. It is comfortable, washable, nursing-friendly, and extremely flattering around an adult woman’s mid-section if you know what I mean. And now it’s marked down to $45. You should get it right now!


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