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Every Day is a Holiday

3 Things by Lauren Warner, Editor of 3ThingsforMom.com

*This is the Monday morning “from the editor” post. In addition to your daily Truth, Tip & Find, I also introduce our fabulous guests for the week — and make sure nobody goes thirsty. More coffee, anyone?

3 Things by Lauren Warner, Editor of 3ThingsforMom.com


There are a lot of random “holidays” on the national and international calendar.

Holidays devoted to specific causes and prominent people. Or entire months devoted to food (did you know that January is “apple and apricots” month?) And for the most part, we only know about these random celebrations because we have some part in them. Because someone we love has survived breast cancer (National Cancer Survivors Day, June 5). Or you happen to write with your left hand (International Lefthanders’ Day, August 13). Or you have a cousin who works at Sea World (Shamu the Whale Day, September 26).

And Thursday — a day that I would’ve never thought about until my daughter, Kate, was born — is World Down Syndrome Day. A day that takes place on the 21st of March every year, representing the 3 copies of chromosome 21, which is unique to people with Down syndrome.

I was reminded from a friend’s status message on Facebook. She is also the mom of a child with Down Syndrome — a 6-year-old boy. Before I had Kate, I wouldn’t have thought much about her status message — well, I take that back. Before I had Kate, I didn’t know her. It is because of Kate that I was connected with her — and continue to be connected to wonderful families around the world who share this common experience. Families who were chosen to receive the gift of a special little baby with a special gift of their own: an extra chromosome.

I sometimes wonder why we have to have a “day” for things like this. But this week, I know why. It is to celebrate life. It is an excuse to post pictures and write blog posts and share stories and connect in even bigger ways with an even bigger audience about the small differences that make humans so wonderful.



I’ve never been good at folding sheets. I’m more of the wash-and-put-back-on-the-bed type of girl. But this “how to fold a fitted sheet” tutorial from Martha Stewart is a good reminder for those with folding foibles. (i.e. ME!)


One of my favorite things to do with the kids is “music time.”

Like the Von Trapp Family Singers (Sound of Music reference, anyone?), we sit around the living room with our Parum Pum Pum Drum and its instruments. Then we sing all sorts of songs — each with our own noise-maker. My oldest often bangs the drum while Kate shakes her “shaka-shaka eggs.” I’ll often play the tambourine or “busy bee” maracca.

The drum is easy to transport — and comes with a lid that opens so the other instruments fit right inside. It’s one of our very favorite toys and something the whole family can enjoy together.

In the house

I’m having so much fun connecting with new, talented moms every week — aren’t you? And this week is no different.

Tomorrow we have the fabulous Nina Badzin, mom of four and writer for Huffington Post and Kveller.com among others.

Wednesday it’s the ever-so-talented Debbie Koenig, food writer, Weight Watchers success story and author of Parents Need to Eat Too

Thursday it’s Super Mom Rachel Balducci, mom of 6 (5 boys!), blogger at Testosterhome, author of How Do You Tuck In a Superhero? and co-host of The Gist, a talk show for women at CatholicTV.

And Friday, it’s the Go-To Mom herself, Kimberley Clayton Blaine — executive producer of the Go-To Mom web series and the producer of MommytoMommy.TV

Every day is a holiday. Make today one to celebrate!


Contributor: Lauren, Founder and Editor of 3ThingsforMom.com
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