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Feeling Bad? Do Good.

3 Things by Debra Shigley, Deb’s Kitchen

3 Things by Debra Shigley, Deb’s Kitchen


What you think about expands.

I know that sounds a bit woo-woo, hocus pocus-y, but consider this:

If you focus on the negative and what’s missing in your life, you’ll probably find that more of what you don’t want keeps showing up.

Instead, if you focus your thoughts only on what you do want—the new job, the fitter body, the peaceful home—you’re much more likely to draw those things into your life.

As wives, moms, working women, each day presents endless opportunities to be frustrated and cranky. Really, the negativity could be non-stop and just feeds on itself—and I certainly have days like that.

But then what?

Put out the energy that you want returned back to you. Sometimes it’s a matter of thinking and doing the very opposite of what you feel like doing. If you’re annoyed at your husband and kids, cook them their favorite dinner instead.

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Make dinner your “free meal.”

For most of us, it’s pretty hard to eat whatever we want all the time and still maintain your weight. Back in my pre-mom, single days I used to be more into eating “clean”— plain grilled chicken, steamed vegetables and a baked sweet potato for dinner, that kind of thing. But it’s sure hard to feed a family that way—not to mention it’s very boring to cook and eat that way.

Dinner with my hubby is really something I look forward to because it’s our chance to relax and reconnect for the day, even if it’s just 20 minutes. I save space for dinner (and dessert!), literally and figuratively, so I can be more creative and indulgent with that meal.

During the day, however, I’m pretty habitual about what I eat.

For breakfast, I might have oatmeal, cereal and milk, or toast with almond butter. Lunch is often a turkey and swiss or tomato/mozzarella sandwich, or a Subway veggie sub if I’m out and about. And I don’t really snack.


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Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter.

I’m 6 months pregnant with my third baby in three years (!), and I’ve used this cream during and after every pregnancy. It’s rich and luxurious and smells so delicious. It just makes me happy when I apply it after my bath or shower each night—another of my daily rituals. I basically use it as an all over lotion (a little goes a very long way) and it doubles as fragrance.

Does it work? Well, for the record I have zero stretch marks on my belly. While I suspect a doctor would say that’s lucky genes, I’ll be sticking with my Mama Mio.


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