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3 Things by Shannan Martin, Flower Patch Farm Girl

3 Things by Shannan Martin, Flower Patch Farm Girl


I recently watched a PBS documentary about space travel in which a geologist, equal parts nerdy and ordinary, described walking along a lunar canyon as “delicious.” In fact, he said, “It’s like ice cream.”

Immediately, his face held certain intrigue and every bit of his vanilla turned Blue Moon. I wanted to invite him over for dinner and hear the rest of the story. I wanted to hear more than the story, because a scientist channeling Sarah McLachlan is one who begs to be known.

I want to track down my delicious, don’t you?

We need to hunt for our passion – our art – and refuse to tone it down when it comes bubbling out all Paula Deen from our NASA-nerd self.

Maybe it’s a perfect french seam or a souffl√© that would make you light-headed. Maybe it’s a flawless closing argument or a slammin’ double handed backhand. Sniff it out. Then come on over for dinner, because I’ll have lots of questions.


I wish I could be the girl who offers a tip of great philosophical importance, and sometimes I just might be, but tonight I’m feeling practical.

Disclaimer: I swear I’m not a germaphobe.


The day I dreamed this up may have been my finest hour. I can’t rule out the possibility.

For so long I was troubled by the housing options for our toothbrushes. A cup on the counter? It just seemed too free-wheeling, with all the germs floating around in the bathroom atmosphere. Thrown in the drawer? Again with the inevitable germ-sharing, not to mention the crusted toothpaste and general nastiness.

Behold: The silverware organizer. A compartment for everyone! And when the nasty becomes too much to bear, you throw it in the dishwasher.



We’re CD people. As in, bought at a store, sealed almost impenetrably in plastic, prone to scratching, compact discs.

We sing loudly and with wonky abandon while tooling around in our sexy minivan. Our youngest never really got the memo, but our two oldest kiddos understand the relevance to their little lives of big-people music. So when we find a CD that we all love, it’s a sure keeper.

Enter, Brandon Heath’s Blue Mountain.

It’s cool, fresh air to the ears and soul. Immensely sing-alongable. Transportive and catchy.¬† It transcends generations (at least 2 guaranteed).


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