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Follow Your Own Inner Voice

3 Things by Kimberly Coleman, Foodie City Mom

3 Things by Kimberly Coleman, Foodie City Mom


To thine own self be true.

I love the work of Shakespeare and I have definitely found his quote to be true over the last (almost) 40 years.

As I look back, the best decisions that I have made in my life have happened when I have been able to tune out all of the outside noise of other people’s thoughts and opinions — as well intentioned as they might have been.

I would have never gone to Columbia for college and ended up living in NYC.

I would have never met and married my husband.

I would have never made the decision to stay at home with my kids until they went to full day school, instead of going back to corporate America.

These are some of the best choices that I have made in my life — and I would not have made them if I had listened to other people’s “shoulds.”

I believe in getting advice.

I believe in respecting the voice of experience.

Above all, though, I believe in following my own inner voice.

I (like every other person) was uniquely created. And as long as my intentions are good and right, I am the only one who can decide the path to follow in order to not lose my true direction!


One thing that I love about blogging is the access to some of the most brilliant people in every field.

Since Foodie City Mom is focused on food and recipes, I especially appreciate learning from chefs. Another thing that I love is shrimp.

That is why I want to share some information that I learned from Aquagrill’s Chef Jeremy Marshall back in 2010.

When introducing seafood to young kids, it is best to start with “neutral” ones like shrimp. (Crab, lobster and halibut are also great options.) They are fresher and sweeter, so kids tend to like them.

If you cut shrimp in half when serving it with pasta, it will accomplish two things:

1. The dinners will have more bites of shrimp.
2. It causes the shrimp to have a better texture.

In any event, here’s my recipe for  Sautéed Wild Pacific Shrimp with Feta.

shrimp dish


Back in 2007, I gave birth to my second son, Sean.

Since this was going to be our last child (unless we have an “oops”), I wanted a small token to mark the occasion. As such, I asked my husband, Reggie, for a double sibling ring with the names of my two sons from Nelle and Lizzy.

Sean is now six years old and I have worn the Michael/Sean ring practically every day. My wedding rings are on one hand and the double ring is on the other. It’s great to look down at both of my hands and see all three of “my guys” represented wherever I go!

my guys


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