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How’d Parents Survive Before TV?

3 Things by Jason Good,

3 Things by Jason Good,

*This post is part of our special week-long Father’s Day series, featuring notable Dad writers. 


I let my son break the COMPLETELY DRACONIAN “television turn-off” rules at his school.

If my kindergartener wanted the silver star, he had to agree to only watch one television show a day during the week. A gold star was given to children who watched no television at all, and trust me, those kids are kind of weird now (most have stopped wearing shoes).

I don’t know how parents survived before television. What did kids do? Whittle spoons and polish their father’s musket?

But, Jason, I have a cool idea, what about letting him watch a movie?

Sorry, the “show” can be no longer than 30 minutes. Do you know how tired a five-year-old is after returning from school? It’s more than “one 30 minute show” tired.

While we generally kept him to it, there were times (more than 10), when my wife was out and I let him watch a second or third show so I could spend more time staring blankly at my phone.

I can only assume that she did the same.



Invent some cool games you can play with your kids while lying down. They can run around as much as they want, and even trample over you, but the idea is that you’re getting some much needed rest while they exhaust themselves.

One of my favorites is offering to be “base” in a game of tag.

See how this works?


Batter Blaster.”

This is pancake mix in a whipped cream can. Seriously, it is and you can buy it in the store.

I’m not saying they’re the most delicious pancakes I’ve ever had, but waking up on Sunday morning and spraying a few tan circles into a pan is way better than…. well, I don’t actually know how to make real pancakes, but if it’s anything like making a regular cake, I’m out.

Editors Note: Seems as though “Batter Blaster” has been discontinued, but here’s something similar from Bisquick.


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