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I Am in Charge of How I Feel

3 Things by Maureen Smithe, Homemade Mothering

3 Things by Maureen Smithe, Homemade Mothering


In today’s world of parenting experts and know-it-all mommy bloggers, it is easy to feel like we’re not doing everything we should to raise the world’s best kids.

However, there is one truth I have found to be quite true: I am the only one who can make me feel like less of a mother.

If a blogger, reporter or fellow mom at the playground is talking in a demeaning manner about issues that matter to me, I have every right to tune that person out. I am not beholden to anyone’s approval other than my own (and, to a large extent, my husband’s).

For example, I care deeply about my family’s decision to cloth diaper our kids, but if a fellow mom tells me that cloth diapering is dirty and a huge waste of my time, I do not let her opinion get me down. If I were genuinely bothered by her comments, then perhaps it means that I am genuinely concerned about my choice.



Mornings for us can be quite hectic. With three little kids, there is just so much to do. So more often than not, I prepare breakfast the night before.

Pour 1 cup steel cut oats and 4 cups cold water into a small slow cooker. Add in a couple tablespoons of butter and some dried fruit. Turn on to “low” and let it cook over night. By morning, it is hot and ready to go. We top ours with maple syrup. The kids love the hearty start to the day, and I love that all the work is done while we’re sleeping!


My 3- and 5-year-olds are currently obsessed with Quercetti’s Migoga Marble Run.

It is an easy-to-use construction set kids use to build and create marble races. I know it sounds so simple, but it encourages their imaginations and teamwork. I am telling everyone about it!


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