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I’m Not Above Mom Jeans

3 Things by Jenny Sulpizio, JennySulpizio.com

3 Things by Jenny Sulpizio, JennySulpizio.com


I guess it’s time for me to come clean, so I’ll go ahead and spill it: no matter how much I think I’m above the classic mommy stereotypes we all know and loathe, I’ve somehow managed to embody every single one of them. No joke!

You name it and I’ve become it. In fact, here’s a glimpse at what this mama’s life is currently looking like:

I drive a minivan (still wondering how that happened).

I recently purchased (and wore) Mom jeans without even realizing it (eek, gasp!).

The only “style” my hair’s sportin’ is a ponytail (well, make that a side ponytail).

I “save” my make-up for the days when I might actually come face-to-face with someone other than my four-year-old son, or the cashier at Wal-Mart.

Laundry (and the bajillion loads I’m subjected to) has not only become my mortal enemy, but my Kryptonite as well. I fear it just may kill me.

The drive thru’s in town know me by name (all of them). Oy.

I am officially (possibly legally, and maybe even clinically) insane — thanks to my three kiddos.

Yep, if this isn’t proof that I’ve earned my membership into mommy mayhem, I’m not sure what is. But I think I’m finally reaching the point where I might be cool with it (I think!). 😉

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Being the Christian mama that I am, I need me some Scripture and a few moments in the Word to get through most of my days (well, make that all of my days).

This one simple act starts my mornings right — as I’ve learned to lean on God for anything and everything that will transpire during a twenty-four hour period.

It especially helps to guide me through my mornings — the ones where cereal gets spilt, diapers get pooped in, overly dramatic daughters have frenzied meltdowns, and where those little boys of mine repetitively defy the nature of my disciplining efforts. Yep, those ones. A moment in the Word can do a mama a world of good.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. –Phillipians 4:6 


Ooh, this is a good one.

Like me, I’m sure most of you moms have more artwork, class projects, and school assignments than you know what to do with, right?

And serious mommy-guilt sets in at the mere thought of throwing them away once they’ve graced that fridge of ours. Well luckily, some wonderfully ingenious people (probably moms) devised an app for this very predicament.

It’s called Artkive, and by installing it on your iPad or iPhone, you are now just one click away from preserving all of your children’s projects in an amazingly organized fashion (broken down by grade, date created, and by child).

The best part? Once those masterpieces have been uploaded, you can then order scrapbooks, coffee mugs, and a whole slew of other crazy cute gifts to enjoy yourself (or give away to others).

Seriously, it’s awesome and prevents their artwork from accumulating in boxes, on top of counters, behind hampers, or any other place those things tend to wind up.

Yay for Artkive!


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