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It’s Hard to Forgive Yourself

3 Things by Ronnie Tyler, Black and Married with Kids

3 Things by Ronnie Tyler, Black and Married with Kids


People always say that the only way that you are able to truly move on from certain situations is to forgive.

Forgiveness frees you. It allows you to find peace and compassion. It allows you to let go of the stress that was caused from whatever it was that you went through that hurt you. So for the most part, I have been able to take hold of this concept and forgive others that I feel have done me wrong.

But what I have come to realize is that the most difficult person to forgive is myself.

I’ve made some choices and I’ve done some things that I certainly wish that I hadn’t done. But I had to eventually realize that: I am not perfect — and that despite my shortcomings, I am a good person.

Once I learned to forgive myself, I became free… free to love myself, free to be kind to myself, free to trust myself to take chances, free to share myself and my experiences with others — and free to be the best me that I can be.

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Just stop!

I have a very demanding career and business. I am a wife and a mother of 4. And I wish I could tell you that I have mastered the art of balancing it all, but I haven’t.

I get frustrated. I get overwhelmed. And I get behind on my evergrowing to-do list. But the one thing that I do to preserve my sanity is: STOP!

How does it work? I take care of the really important things on my list and then when I find myself getting overwhelmed, I stop. And stopping means: sometimes my entire house does not get cleaned, because I stopped and spent the rest of my Saturday at the park with my kids.

It means that sometimes dinner is not cooked, because I had a long day at work and I don’t feel like cooking.

Stopping means that I can be a better wife and mother, because I am able to de-stress and attend to my needs.


Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream — it heals all ailments.

What is it you might ask? I don’t really know, but here are all of my uses: It softens my feet to prevent crusty heels (Ladies, do I need to say more — many of you are probably ordering some right now!) After I shave my legs, it gives them the most lustrous shine. It’s great for dry skin. It’s great for chapped lips. And according to Grandma, it is great for just about anything. Anytime my kids complain about a boo boo to my mother-in-law, I’ve heard her say, “Go get Grandma’s Emollient Cream…” LOL.

Ladies, you need to get you some!


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