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It’s Not Supposed to Be Easy

3 Things by Rachel Jankovic, Femina Girls

3 Things by Rachel Jankovic, Femina Girls


I’ve got to say, the lesson that I keep coming back to in my life is: this isn’t supposed to be easy.

The fact that I am really challenged by being a mom doesn’t mean I am bad at it, or not getting better. Think of a great runner — they are super fit and super trained, but if they are doing their best, it will always be hard.

Because no matter what, it is always running your hardest.

We can easily be deceived by pictures or mental images that good mothering is a destination. The reality is that it is just life and sanctification all rolled into one.

God uses our little trials to mature us, to teach us, to strengthen us, and to love us. There is no end to what you can learn, and how you can grow if you are faithful to work through the lessons that God gives us.

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If your kids are really little, take them on a few outings just to practice obeying.

We used to go to the mall and talk about what we were going to do. And since I wasn’t trying to do anything else, it made it possible to focus completely on them.

We practiced going through stores — and we had code words to remind us of things. Then, we came out and talked about how we did (with tons of positive reinforcement and a little treat and such).

I was so thankful that I did this a lot because once — when we had a newborn, twin two-year-olds, a four-year-old and a five-year-old — we accidentally got stuck outside of security in the Denver airport and had to stand in a huge line for almost an hour.

Amazingly, all four walkers held on to their stroller “stations” (little handholds I put on the stroller) the whole time and just looked around.

Enough practice with the system turned out to be a lifesaver!


The lettuce knife!

I love this thing.

While I am not a fan of most kitchen gadgets, every once in a while you find something really specific that turns out to be incredibly handy. This is that thing!

I have my kids cut lettuce for salad with no risk of cutting fingers — they love to help with “real jobs” and it teaches them some good basic skills. It’s also super handy for cutting brownies (and I hear cheesecake) as it keeps them from clumping up on the knife.

The best part is that it’s only $5. So really, it is a win win!


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