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It’s OK to Break Your Own Rules

3 Things by Marissa Kraxberger, George & Ruby

3 Things by Marissa Kraxberger, George & Ruby


It is OK to break your own rules.

My husband and I have been pretty strict about food and bedtimes with our kids since they were born. No sweets, all organic food, naps from 1-3, bathed and in bed by 7:30… the list goes on. We have always felt proud about adhering to our rules, even when friends or family look at us a little funny.

The truth is–even when raising children–if you don’t break some rules, you miss all the fun. Lately, I have been inclined to break some rules… skipping naps, first visits to a candy shop, cake before dinner and summer rooftop party (way past bedtime), to name just a few.

Since it is summer and the sun sets so late we decided to take the kids out for pizza, ice cream and an evening bike ride. We weren’t sure how they would do staying out so late, but the joy on their faces was priceless. The next morning our daughter woke up and the first thing she said was, “yesterday was such a great day.”

If you only break the rules every now and then, they see it as a special treat… I am not sure who enjoys it more, us or them.

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Use tumblr.

In a social/digital world this seems like an obvious tip, but here is the reason I find this to be so invaluable. When my daughter, Alexa, was born we instantly, like everyone else, starting taking thousands of photos on our phones. Instead of emailing and texting photos to all of our family and friends, a friend of mine recommended using tumblr.

I still think back to the day we started her tumblr account and think: best decision, ever.

We now have 1 tumblr blog for our daughter and 1 for our son. We only share the site with family and close friends and we don’t follow other accounts, so it has stayed relatively private. We aren’t precious about what we post, we post good pictures AND bad ones that we love anyway.

We post about doctor’s check ups, first tantrums, first airplane flight, first car trip… sometimes even just a note saying “I love you” if we are traveling without them.

The phone app makes it so easy–we make it a point to post immediately so we don’t forget to do it later. We now have 3 years of what I like to call, digital scrapbooks. Yes, maybe we don’t print photos often, but I can take a break and peruse through the image archives of their life from my desktop, phone and tablet from anywhere in the world.



I am obsessed with my one truffle clarity pouches. Such a simple concept made chic and easy for any woman.

These little pouches keep me organized and help me transition from one handbag to another. I have one pouch for all my personal stuff–sunglasses, lipstick, hair ties, iPhone charger, etc and I have another pouch for kids stuff–emergency pacifiers, organic lollipops, band–aids, crayons and fruit snacks.



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