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It’s Okay to Drop Some Balls

3 Things by Danielle Smith, Extraordinary Mommy

3 Things by Danielle Smith, Extraordinary Mommy


You know what moms are doing every single day? We are juggling.

And when I juggle life, motherhood, work and self, I occasionally drop some balls. But I’ve learned to forgive myself for it.

It quite simply isn’t possible for us to keep all of our balls in the air every day—and it really is ok.

I am never a stellar mom at the exact same time that I am a stellar business owner. When I’m a stellar mom, I’m cheering from the sidelines, I’m helping with homework, I’m reading with my small people, I’m snuggling, I’m present.  I’m not on the phone with a client at the same time or answering emails or writing a chapter of a book.

And when I am finishing a project or speaking with a client, I’m not navigating the latest sibling rivalry, answering ‘what’s for dinner?’ or trying to figure out 3rd grade math (and I DO mean trying to figure it out). Trying to do either of those at the same time means someone isn’t getting the attention they deserve.

The truth is—I can’t be everything to everyone at every moment.

But I can have the most beautiful moments: some dedicated to motherhood—playing, laughing, journeying. Some to feeling fulfilled in work. And some (not often enough, but I’m a work-in-progress) to me.



About a year and a half ago, I met a woman who shared one of her ‘a-ha’ moments with me. It spoke to my soul.

I have always been a ‘yes’ person. I say ‘yes’ to make people happy, to keep the peace, and because my ‘I think I cans’ are bigger than the number of true hours in my day.

And yet, I am not suggesting you learn to say no.

I think you should learn to listen to your inner ‘Hell Yeah!’

This was my soul moment…  I learned: If it isn’t a ‘Hell Yeah’, it’s a no.

If you are offered a job, a project, a lunch date, a volunteer position on the PTA or an opportunity to vacation with friends — if you don’t think, “Hell yeah I want to do that,” the answer is no. Or no thank you. Or not at this time. Or I appreciate the offer, but it isn’t the right fit.  However you want to respond, the result is the same. You have not added it to your ever-growing list of things to do.

Your time is precious. Value it. Make it a ‘Hell Yeah.’


One of my absolute favorite new finds has become a ‘go-to’ place for gifts, birthdays, inspiration, a pick-me-up — or just when I need a reminder of the goodness in my life.

I am drawn to gifts that have meaning and Alex and Ani’s bangles allow you to pick something that matches the personality of the person to whom you are giving. Each charm has its own meaning, its own significance.

I wear a fleur de lis on my wrist — it is my favorite symbol. And I’ve given more than I can count.

They are so reasonably priced, so delicate and clearly come from the heart.

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