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Letting Go of a Tidy House

3 Things by Amanda de Beaufort, Coos and Ahhs

3 Things by Amanda de Beaufort, Coos and Ahhs


I am the type of person that really likes a tidy home. I always clean up before guests — even if my best friend is dropping by.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a clean freak, I just like things to look put together.

So throw kids into the equation (x= a 4 year old + 15 month old) and you end up spending all your energy keeping up appearances.

Before having kids, I never understood how people with could let their places get so crazy. Wow. Now, I know. But I have finally accepted that my home is going to look like a Rolling Stones after party for the next ten years. And I have also accepted that it doesn’t matter.

Once you have kids, there are a lot of things you can’t do or control — but being a mom has allowed me to let go of a lot. And in a way, it’s really freeing.


Buy a few nice pieces of clothing for your children — things you adore. They may only wear them a few months or less, but pictures last forever.

Oh and I am a banana cake about stains—I have always been this way. So with kids you can imagine how crazy I am. I swear by Resolve Spray and Wash—it gets ANYTHING OUT! (Ok, now I am sure I sound like a clean freak)


I am obsessed with Lucky Boy Sunday. The Danish brand makes the softest and strangest (in the best way possible) dolls, pillows, and blankets knitted from baby alpaca.

They look good on your bed, in your kids room — or laying on the floor. (Haha!)

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