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Love the Body You’re In

3 Things by Amy Pence-Brown, Doin’ it All, Idaho Style

3 Things by Amy Pence-Brown, Doin’ it All, Idaho Style


You are not obligated to be thin, healthy, or pretty.

You have sovereignty over your body and that means it’s no ones responsibility but your own.

I’m fat. And I’m OK with being fat. I weigh 250 lbs and am 5 ft 5 and a ½ inches tall with a body mass index (or BMI) of 41, placing me in a category (albeit an archaic one) of morbidly obese (gasp!)

But I’m also more than that.

I’m a mother to two young daughters, Lucy and Alice, a wife, historian, writer, artist, curator, an academic and a fat activist.

And, I’m healthy.

The diet industry is fueled on shame and hatred. How is discrimination and making people loathe themselves going to make them healthier? Obviously this doesn’t work — or the number of overweight people would be rapidly declining, wouldn’t it? Has hate ever made anyone a better person?

Together, with bodies as individual as our tastes in art or thoughts on religion, let’s start a revolution to stop hating our bodies, for us, for our children, for our friends.

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Baby wipes can clean everything and anything.

Don’t stop buying them once your kiddos are potty trained. They are a must-have in a pinch. I’ve used them to wipe down tables at restaurants, dirty hands at the park, ‘sponge baths’ while camping, make-up removing, emergency dish washing, coffee spills in the car and more. These things are like magic. My daughters are now five and nine-years-old but we still keep a package in the car and in the house.


Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker lipgloss.

Seriously. I’ve been using this since I was sixteen years old and I still can’t get enough. Not only does it smell like teen spirit, it tints even the darkest lips a fun berry color. It’s cheap, so you can buy one for each purse and jacket pocket.

Plus? I can share it with my girls.


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