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Making Time for Free Time

3 Things by Amber Dusick, Crappy Pictures


When I was younger (before I had two kids), my health habits were on a pendulum.

If I was busy for a stretch, I’d let everything slip. I’d stop exercising, stop eating well and stop making time for myself. But eventually, I’d catch up and swing to the healthier side. It felt like a nice balance.

Unfortunately, my pendulum is broken.

It has been broken for over six years—since the birth of my first child. I’m always busy. And I won’t ever catch up.

No more excuses and no more waiting for free time to appear. Free time never appears. I have to create it. I’m taking better care of myself. Starting now. (No really! I just took a sip of water after I wrote that. It totally counts. I’m staying hydrated.)


My kids often eat only one bite of a banana (they just like peeling them) and they always leave fruit rejects on their plates.

The strawberry that is shaped wrong? Rejected. The apple slice that has a tiny microscopic bruise on it? Rejected. The orange segment that looks perfectly fine but for some reason is all wrong? Rejected.

All these fruit discards go in our freezer for our smoothie stash. The kids love smoothies, it saves money and I don’t get annoyed about wasted food. Well, at least the fruit. Rejected chicken doesn’t really work in a smoothie.



I’m kind of addicted to Kevita right now.

It is a sparkling probiotic drink. And it tastes like heaven. Especially the mango coconut. Plus, it has four strains of live probiotics, is certified organic and has a trillion less calories than soda. I even like the glass bottle it comes in with the tiny heart on the bottom. Can you tell I like this drink a little? I just wish it was free.


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