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3 Things by Lindsey Gladstone, DailyCandy

3 Things by Lindsey Gladstone, DailyCandy


I am overwhelmed by the current pace of media. Even though I create it.

As a non-digital native, I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I am inspired by it, yet frustrated with it.

I work as hard to keep up with it as I do to unplug from it.

I worry about the long-term effects it will have on me, my children, and my children’s children. (Will they know how to handwrite a letter? Or really talk to someone over a cup of tea?) And yet — I marvel at how connected we are globally — how we can effect change in parts of the world outside our physical reach — and how technology enhances our ability to think differently about everything.

However, I will say when I’m traveling for work and away from my girls (like I am right now) there is nothing I appreciate more than Face Time. 



You know the sweat-inducing pressure of 25 kids impatiently clamoring for a piece of birthday cake? This is going to change your life.

Stick the forks directly into the sheet cake before slicing — one for each piece — and then cut the cake. Since the forks are already in the pieces of cake, you can just slide each onto a plate and distribute.


Harvey the Child Mime, by Loryn Brantz.

I discovered this book a few years back while editing the Kids edition of DailyCandy, and it remains one of my all-time favorite kids’ reads. It’s the story of a mime who teaches a spoiled princess that you have everything you need inside your mind. Presents, parties, and ponies have nothing on an active imagination.

Every time I read it to my girls, I get a little weepy.


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