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Messy Enough to Be Happy

3 Things by Lauren Warner, Editor of

3 Things by Lauren Warner, Editor of

*This is the Monday morning “from the editor” post. Like any good hostess, I introduce our fabulous guests for the week, share a story or two — and make sure nobody goes thirsty. More coffee, anyone?


My husband was out of town for a few days this week. Which meant I was at home for a few days with a few kids alone.

It wasn’t bad. I’m quite the pro at taking 3 children out and about now. My method includes constant bribery for the 3-year-old and/or the reminder of the birthday party that we’re invited to in the not-so-distant future.

But strangely, for some reason, I felt this pressure because my house was such a mess. We had no plans — no company was coming over — nobody was going to see it. But still, I felt bogged down by the toddler tornado of toys. And what if somebody did stop by?

But then, I got over it — with a little inspiration from this fantastic article from recent 3 Things contributor, Beth Berry.

I love this line:

“Feeling the need to apologize for the state of things upon welcoming unannounced visitors is like saying, ‘I’m sorry you have to see that we live in this house.’

I love that reminder: our homes are not made for looking at, they’re made for living in.

That livingroom — with a World Market rug covered in pillows, toy cars, Halloween costumes, sippy cups, Goldfish crumbs and other “decorations” — that room has seen a lot of living. And what a beautiful view to look at.

So when my neighbors or friends stop by — and by some twist of fate, I just happened to have vacuumed and organized and Windex’d — and for some rare moment my house seems eerily put together, maybe that should be the occasion for apology.

Something like, “I’m sorry my house is so clean. I promise we really do have fun here.”

“This house is clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy.” — Magnet on my mother-in-law’s fridge



Have an indoor cat — with no “good” place to store the litter box? Install a “kitty door” in the door that goes into your garage. We installed a little flap door for our grey tabby and he travels in and out of the garage at his own leisure. We don’t have to smell or see his litter box in the house — and he can eat his food in his own space away from the harassment of our 70 lb. yellow lab.



I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to find out about Amazon Mom.

You’ve probably already heard about it and are like, “Huh? You haven’t signed up for it yet?” But basically — if you have children in diapers — it’s the best thing since disposable diapers. I heard about it at a birthday party the other day and it turns out you will NEVER RUN OUT OF DIAPERS AGAIN.

You just sign up for your diaper size(s) and preferred brand — tell them how often you want to receive them — and they mail them straight to your doorstep for 15% less than you’ll pay at any store. You’ll also get wipes, free two-day shipping on other items and a Kindle book to borrow for free each month. That’s Amazoning. (Was trying to play off the word “amazing” there but it didn’t really work.)

In the house

I’m super excited about our contributors this week. Tuesday, we have the hilarious Tracy Morrison of Sellabit Mum; Wednesday it’s the ever-so-resourceful (and relatable) Amy Lupold Bair of Resourceful Mommy; on Thursday (Valentine’s Day <3) we have the insightful KJ Dell’Antonia, the lead blogger for the New York Times Motherlode blog; and Friday we have the giggle-inducing Anna Luther of My Life and Kids.

May your week be messy enough to be happy!


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