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3 Things by Lisa-Jo Baker,

3 Things by Lisa-Jo Baker,


If I want our kids’ morning routine to work I have to work the hardest at keeping it together.

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Myself first. My tongue, my temper and my temptation to lose it when they can’t find their sneakers because they didn’t put them away in the right place — again. We want to be on time, yes. But on time and frayed around the edges, on time and in tears, on time and relieved to be parting ways is no one’s win-win.

The rush is all mine. I can choose to shelter them from it or not. The clock is all mine. I can choose to dictate from it or not. The rhythm is all mine. I can choose to dance to it or not. Because the melody of any day ebbs and flows around a mother’s mood

And if I can set my mood by the desire to send them off at peace and full of the knowing that they mattered then they will have a gift to unwrap the rest of the day. Matching shoes or not.


One family night a week that is non-negotiable.

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In our house it’s Friday nights. These are pizza-and-a-movie-everyone-stays-home nights. Granted our kids are still young with limited social lives beyond play dates at Chuck-E-Cheese. But on Friday nights we pass on any invitations, we stay home. We reconnect. We laze about and don’t fold laundry or do dishes. We simply be – together – and it’s good for our souls, stomachs and family ties.


StitchFix! So I’m trying to get out of my minivan driving, sweat pants schlump and you guys I LOVE this site StitchFix — have any of you heard of it before?

It’s basically an online stylist who shops for you and then delivers a sweet little package of 5 items of handpicked clothing to your doorstep. It’s $20 for the styling fee which gets applied to any items you purchase. Return anything else you like at no charge and free shipping. It may be changing my life.

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