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Moms, Don’t Be Camera Shy

3 Things by Kimberley Clayton Blaine, TheGoToMom.TV

3 Things by Kimberley Clayton Blaine, TheGoToMom.TV


Not everyone is comfortable looking at themselves in pictures or on video.

Most of the time, we cringe when we see ourselves and say, “Oh goodness, is that how I look?” And if you’re a mom, chances are you are taking all of the family photos and probably aren’t in many! Right? But what will your kids think in 20 years when you hand down all of your hard drives, flash drives and cloud passwords to them as keepsakes? You most certainly don’t want them to say you weren’t around.

It’s so important for our kids to see us with them interacting, laughing, smiling, and loving them they way we do. They will know our love for them forever, but can you imagine how they’ll feel when they show their own kids how Grandma was ‘way back when.’

Memories are in our heads, but nothing can replace the emotional visual and true sound of life. It’s the whole reason we buy cameras and Handycams — to keep memories.

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Hand your Handycam over to the kids. Teach them how to record. Get your game on! Do skits and record funny jokes and trendy dance moves with them. Watch it back and encourage your kids to be creative and shoot other fun things. Or set up silly photo scenarios with their favorite toys or get them in action with the pets.


I found an amazing website and app ( that edits your videos for you! Self-automated editing at its best. Load your clips, pick your music and voila! A short edited masterpiece in minutes.

I also love, love, love — a site where you can “make a ptch (pronounced “pitch”) by combining the photos and videos on your phone, or using media from your social networks, like Facebook or Instagram.” So cool!

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