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Most People Mean Well

3 Things by Maureen Wallace,

3 Things by Maureen Wallace,


People mean well, they just don’t always know best.

As mom to a child with special needs (my son, Charlie, has Down syndrome), I’ve gobbled up an incredible education in the past four years, both on his needs and my need to help educate other people.

People will say things that sound incredibly insensitive to a mom of a child with disabilities, but rarely do they mean to cause hurt. It’s up to me as Charlie’s number one advocate to step up, speak up and share what I’ve learned.

Because the truth is, four years ago, I may have made the same mistakes.



Practice saying what you mean. Sound simple? Wait until you try! So many times, our relationships with family, loved ones and colleagues suffer because we assume they understand what we want, what we need and how we feel. (And let’s face it, sometimes we don’t even know!)

It’s not always easy to suddenly begin being clear and direct. So, start small. If someone says something that makes you feel badly, take a breath and say, “I’d like to share my perspective on that.” It’s a starter sentence that is polite, direct and leads to a new truth between you both. Plus, it forces you to continue. You’ve taken the toughest step: you’ve spoken up!


O-M-G, people, you have to try!

We found the most amazing nanny (but don’t call her that—I think she thinks it’s too Mary Poppins-ish) for Charlie when he was only four months old. She and her family are now our family, we love them that much, and they love Charlie (and now his little sister) that much, too. provides background checks and even categorizes participants so you can find someone who meets your specific needs (like us, with Charlie’s Down syndrome… we wanted someone who had some experience working with a child with delays, and we found her).

From weekend babysitters to the next member of your extended family, I promise you’ll have luck if you don’t wait for someone to come to you.

You know best what you want—go find him or her!


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