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My People Are Still Here

3 Things by Suzanna Vicinus, Seacoast Kids Calendar

3 Things by Suzanna Vicinus, Seacoast Kids Calendar


Five years ago, I separated from my now ex-husband.

If I were to say this was a rough period, I’d be underestimating it by like 9500000%.

Most of my friends rallied around me, being a shoulder to cry on and always there for a well-needed laugh. Some of them didn’t.

Divorce does weird things to friends. It makes them scared for their own relationship, so they distance themselves from your cancerous situation. It makes them unfairly judgmental when they ask questions like, “How can you be so ungrateful for what you have?” It makes them feel like they need to choose sides. So when the going got tough, they got going.

The loss of these friendships was an unexpected casualty, but it taught me something very special. Those people, they weren’t my people. My people were loyal, supportive, fair, understanding. My people said “this sucks and you’re not going to go through it alone.” My people are still here.

People’s true grit and character come out during challenging times, and I’m glad it happens that way. Life’s natural selection weeded out the extraneous and left me what was pure and real. Thanks girls, I couldn’t have it made it without you.

And now you’re stuck with me. Like, forever.



Goodbye Gifts.

Ever experienced the nightmare of dragging your kids out of someone’s house after an intensely fun visit? Of course you have. The trick for turning a tearful goodbye into a happy farewell is plain and simple—bribery, and I’m totally comfortable with that.

I always have a stash of trinkets that I’ve picked up at the dollar store and keep them in a “Goodbye Treat” grab bag—glow stick wands, package of stickers or baseball cards, candy necklaces, etc.

When your visitors are getting ready to head out, I stand in the front doorway with the goodies and let our little guests choose one item from the bag (don’t let them peek because that’ll open up a whole new can of worms). They’re usually so distracted with their new gift that they don’t even notice being ushered to the car. BOOM. Works every time.



About two years ago, my hair started graying at a pace that was totally and completely unacceptable. As was spending $60 at the hair salon every four weeks (and that was even pushing it) to get my roots colored. I mean, how much should vanity really cost? I’ll tell you. It should cost about $6.50, or cheaper with a coupon.

I’m a huge fan of Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch Up by Clairol. Their color choices are within ranges, rather than specific colors and it was a seamless perfect match from the very first time I used it.

It’s incredibly easy to apply and the whole process takes less than 20 minutes, which makes it feasible to execute even on a busy morning. The cost savings is huge and allows me to use my extra money on important things like groceries, diapers and really nice jeans.


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