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Nothing Better than Coming Home

3 Things by Christie Matheson, Stroller Traffic

3 Things by Christie Matheson, Stroller Traffic


I just returned from a solo trip (across the country) to attend the wedding of one of my childhood friends. And I’m really, really glad I went. Alone.

Because every now and then, moms need to get away.

Not just away for work, or running errands, or a couple hours of me time (though that last one is really nice, and all moms need that, too), or a business trip.

I mean away, for fun, for at least a night, or a whole weekend, or even more. Yes, it can be tough (emotionally and logistically) to pull away from everyone who needs you. But a true mental break from the intensity of ultimate responsibility can do wonders to recharge the batteries and refresh the spirit.

And then there’s nothing better than coming home.


If your kid has an egg allergy, 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed soaked in 2 tablespoons of water makes a fantastic substitute in most baked goods. (Kids with egg allergies like cupcakes, too.)

Need to go gluten-free? Thomas Keller’s C4C flour is the best replacement around for all-purpose flour.


The Kokopax is the best lightweight baby-carrying backpack around. People always ask what it is and where I got it.

It’s so easy to use, and kids (up to 35 pounds) are really happy in it because they’re up high enough to see. And it’s comfortable enough to use on fairly long hikes.



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