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Our Kids Are Capable

3 Things by Erin M., The MOB Society

3 Things by Erin M., The MOB Society


Our children are much smarter and more capable than we give them credit for most days.

It took me a very long time – too long – to realize that, with a little time and instruction from my husband and I, there are many, many things we were doing for our boys that they could have been doing for themselves.

easter mom and the boys

We have an almost seven-year-old, a four-and-half-year-old, and a one-year-old. I am constantly amazed at how much sooner our second son is taking on new tasks and chores than his older brother did. And I know it’s not because he is smarter or more mature. It’s because MY perception of what he is capable of has changed.

When he wants to try something new, I am learning to say “Yes!” and if he fails, it’s a learning opportunity. If he succeeds, then we celebrate and move forward!

We started a weekly chore list for the boys a few months ago and I included a few things they didn’t know how to do yet. The first few weeks were rough, but with some patience {most of the time!} and instruction from me, they have taken on these tasks with great responsibility and pride.

I’m done being the reason my boys don’t step out courageously to try something new, even if it is a household chore. Instead, I will be their biggest cheerleader, their teacher as they learn new skills, and their shoulder to lean on when things don’t go as well as they hoped.


Give your kids a camera!

zoo pictures

It is such fun to see the world from their perspective. The pictures my sons have taken with old digital cameras {ones we weren’t using any more} have shown me what they value and notice in our home and in nature. Plus, using a digital camera means they can snap pictures all day long at no extra cost to you!

I store the pictures they want to keep in their own files on the computer and they feel like important photographers. And it’s fun to look back at their pictures.


KNex Noah's Ark

K’NEX are the best present we ever gave our oldest son. He would build with them ALL. DAY. LONG. if we let him. He has learned to follow instructions very closely and has also come up with some amazing creations on his own.

Legos are still popular in our home, but his creativity has really soared with K’NEX. And I had some growing up, so I love the nostalgia of helping him build every once in a while.


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