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Story Time: Not Just for Little Kids

3 Things by Simcha Fisher, I Have to Sit Down

3 Things by Simcha Fisher, I Have to Sit Down


Most people know it’s important to read to your little kids, but most people think that reading out loud is just for little kids. This is a horrible mistake.

Middle schoolers and teenagers need cozy time with their parents just as much as, or even more than, the little guys. Reading aloud to older kids is such an easy way to make that connection — and to introduce them to stuff they might never pick up on their own.

It doesn’t have to be a great classic or something Designed to Transmit Values, and you don’t have to be an expert dramatist.

Just put the little ones to bed, grab a beer, make sure everyone’s got a comfy seat, and begin. Or bring the book on vacation, or in the car, or to the park, or to the orthodontist’s waiting room — why not?

One chapter at a time, happy memories are made.


I’ve never had a baby who doesn’t love, love, love going to the beach — paddling in the shallows, screeching at tadpoles, flinging around handfuls of wet sand. And I’ve never had a baby who doesn’t hate, hate, hate being buckled into a hot car seat at the end of the beach day — especially the chunky babies with lots of sand-catching folds in their legs and necks.

One trick that helps a little bit? Keeping a bottle of baby powder in the car. Strip that little beach baby naked, squirt some powder into your hand, and give her a nice rub down, neck to toes, before you put a fresh diaper on and head home. The sand comes right off, and the soft feel of the powder is soothing to a baby who’s spazzing out after having too much fun in the sun.



It’s not easy for a nice Catholic mother of nine to admit this, but we use contraception.

On fleas.

Yep, along with the seething bustle of humanity that we’ve created, we find it necessary to bring furry pets into the house. But nothing makes me more hysterical than having fleas.

Precor is a hormonal flea contraceptive that really works. It comes in a dinky little bottle that you add to a gallon of water, and just spray it all over your house. It’s completely safe for humans and pets, but it keeps flea larvae from growing up and getting bitey and having baby fleas.

If you use Precor as a preventative measure along with Frontline or some other flea killer that you apply directly to the pet, you should be able to live your life in flea-free peace, with only your dog, your cat, your gerbils, your tadpoles, your parakeet, and your nine children.

Peace, I tell you!


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