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Take Time to Celebrate You

3 Things by Maria Bailey, Mom Talk Radio

3 Things by Maria Bailey, Mom Talk Radio


I’ve enjoyed many Mother’s Day celebrations over the years — but one consistent theme has stood out over time.

From even my second Mother’s Day — when I had three babies all less than 20-months-old — I spent most of the time taking care of the other mothers in my life – my mom, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, etc.

I certainly cherish these times together, but as I talk with other moms, I realize I’m not alone in my Mother’s Day experiences. Ironically, it also seems to be that the busiest moms with the youngest children are the ones who tend to overlook the “me” time we all need to recharge our batteries.

Mother’s Day (May 12th) will be here before we know it — and this year, make sure you get a moment to relax, too. Schedule a night out with friends, some alone time with a favorite book — or whatever you choose that lets you take a break from the laundry, lunchboxes and crazy schedules.

(Another great way to celebrate with other moms is to join the National Moms’ Nite Out celebration on Thursday, May 9th! From local events in your area to online parties, it will be a great time!)


As busy moms, we’re always looking for ways to squeeze a few more minutes in our days.

These meal-planning tips help me:

Cook on Sundays; make a Crock Pot meal while another one cooks in the oven, or make a favorite sauce for pasta, double the recipe and freeze the second batch.

For lunchboxes, prep a week’s worth of snacks at one time. Place snack bags or containers in one easy-to-reach pantry bin so you (and your students) can grab it and get out the door.

These tips will save you time during the week — now what you do with these extra minutes is up to you!


Last fall, I experienced one of life’s bittersweet moments when not one — but two — of my children left home for college. Both my son and daughter are at least 3 states and 1,000 miles from home.

When final exams are finished, my daughter will be moving her belongings into storage for the summer. And as my husband and I have tried to figure out logistics from far away, I discovered Campus Bellhops.

I love that this company employs students on campus to move other students at the end of a school term. In two weeks, my daughter’s boxes will be moved to a storage area I rented last week, and my daughter and I will be able to spend precious time together without the hassle of moving.

The cost is reasonable, only about $100 for us, but the stress relief is priceless!



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