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The Gift of Imperfection

3 Things by Hallie Lord, Moxie Wife

3 Things by Hallie Lord, Moxie Wife


I can’t will myself into being a perfect mother.

It doesn’t matter how much I want it, how hard I try, or how many hours I spend gritting my teeth and on my knees. It’s just not going to happen this side of Heaven.

I can only ever be me — imperfect me who loves her children fiercely.

It recently dawned on me, though, that perhaps imperfect me is exactly the mother my little ones most need.

Perhaps my weaknesses are a gift sent from God to prepare them for the unique and exciting challenges that await them.

Could it be that the many times I find myself needing to approach them to ask for forgiveness is meant to teach them mercy and compassion?

And maybe, just maybe, imperfect me shows them that it’s okay to be imperfect them.

After all, what better gift could we give our children than to show them that they don’t have to be flawless to be loved unconditionally?



There are few things my kids desire more than the chance to spend one-on-one time with me.

For a while, I mistakenly thought this meant that I needed to carve out hours of time with which to do complicated, enriching, exciting, and time-consuming activities with them. Individually. And on a regular basis.

Not an easy thing to do when you’re a mom of many.

But once again I proved that I am my own worst enemy because, as it turns out, all they really want is a little time to share their hearts with me and me alone.

That I can do. Happily.

Some nights after they’ve all fallen asleep, I’ll sneak in and pluck one of them out of their warm bed and bring them to mine for a few minutes of late night bonding; or I’ll grab a little girl and we’ll hop into a bubble bath while her siblings are being entertained by their dad downstairs; and I’m always surprised at just how thrilled they are when they win the errand lottery and get to head out with me to pick up groceries or mail a package.

They don’t ask for much, these sweet little bundles of mine. Just a little time and a whole lot of love.


Our home is a wild, wonderful, and extremely noisy place. Which is awesome until some tiny person starts showing signs of needing a quiet place to nap.

I’ve auditioned a million sound machines.

In the beginning, I opted for the loveliness of sending my sweet ones off to sleep against a backdrop of waves crashing or rain falling. Perhaps monks chanting would kick the soothing factor up a notch? Birds singing? Whale songs? Perfect!

Much to my disappointment (wink), my kids sleep best when accompanied by nothing more than a little white noise.

Enter the Marpac Noise Machine.

AKA: my precious.

I laughed when a recent Twitter poll resulted in an instantaneous flood of passionate Marpac recommendations. We moms are not playing games when it comes to getting our children to sleep better, are we?

I won’t pretend that the Marpac comes with lots of bells and whistles. It doesn’t. But it gives my kids the gift of peaceful slumber and that, my friends, is absolutely priceless.

(Oh, and if you and/or your kids are like me and want to mix it up a bit, do check out the Relax and Sleep App. Not only does it give you over 35 “ambient sounds” from which to choose, you can layer them! The song of a little creek topped with melodic windchimes, a crackling campfire, and soft guitar? Yes, please.)

Sweet dreams!

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