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The Importance of Affection

3 Things by Kyra Phillips, Raising America

3 Things by Kyra Phillips, Raising America


How many times have we told our husbands, “I am just too tired.”

(You know what I am talking about… sex!)

Yes, things change once we have kids — we’re exhausted, we don’t feel sexy, we haven’t even washed our hair for three days. Many times it just takes too much effort to feel “in the mood.”

Then, I had a wake up call about the importance of showing affection to those we love. Actually two.

It started when our twins noticed Daddy always holds my hand in the car. Now they always insist that we reach back and hold their hands, too. It’s not always easy — one of us is driving and for the other, it’s impossible to reach back with a seatbelt on.

So now, we have to say, “We’ll hold your hands later, because Daddy is holding Mommy’s hand.” To which they reply, “Check, check!” That’s when I have to hold up our hands and prove to them we are indeed clasped.

Then there was “the kiss.”

My husband comes home from work a couple hours after I do. The twins and I are usually doing an activity together, but this night we were all eating dinner.  My hubby comes home, walks through the door and immediately gives me a kiss. I will admit, I expect that. That is what he always does and I do the same thing if I am the last one to walk in the house, too.

But this welcome home kiss was different.

After he planted a big wet one on me, my son, who was just pushing 2 years old, shouts, “Mommy! I kiss you, too!” and then his twin sister shouted the same thing!

It was not only adorable and heartwarming — it taught me a huge lesson:

Our kids learn everything from us, including the importance of affection… showing love for someone.

If my husband and I express our love for each other through hugs, kisses and hand holding, our kids will notice that. They’ll see that it’s important and develop an understanding, early on, that Mom and Dad love each other. And when you feel love for someone, you need to express it.

Now, ladies… let that be an inspiration to “get in the mood!”



When you have twins, getting those little booboos on a sleep schedule is HUGE!

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Marc Weissbluth was my BIBLE — and to this day, my kids are fabulous nappers and sleepers!


I know all of you moms can relate to this when it comes to our babies’ first clothes, blankies, shoes, etc:

What do I save? What do I not save? What should I pass down? Give away? Put in a hope chest? Consider a keepsake? HELP!

That’s when I discovered the “Patchwork Bear.”

Jennifer Cura was a blessing to my “what do I save” stress. I threw all those special socks, onsies, burp clothes, bonnets and baby caps into a box — and within just a few weeks, I had an AMAZING keepsake!

The twins love to snuggle with their patchwork bears — and every day I get to remember every precious moment that they wore that very special piece of clothing.



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