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There May Never be Balance

3 Things by Elizabeth Thorp,

3 Things by Elizabeth Thorp,


There is no secret formula for work/life balance.

There is no special schedule, “how-to” book or Mary Poppins nanny to ensure work/life balance of a working OR a stay-at-home mom.

You can “Lean In” all you want, ladies, but it won’t help you achieve the elusive work/life balance.

In truth, there may not really be “balance”—ever. Sometimes I’m away from my three beautiful girls for a week or more at a time for work. Then I’ll be home for a few weeks and have flexibility to pick them up at the bus stop after work or take them to dance class. I’ve felt best about my career choices, my time away from the family when I’ve been able to be flexible, agile and prioritize. Even with detailed planning, someone could vomit on the way to school and all your prep goes right out the window.

Some people have asked me, “How do you do it? Three young girls, a busy travel business and travel writing deadlines?” My honest answer is I don’t know.

Every day it changes, my husband and I reassess and rejigger. Sometimes this means I’m up to 3 am playing professional catch-up after kids are asleep. It is not always fun.

I do know that every working mom needs three things in order to stay relatively sane:

1. A supportive and loving husband or partner,

2. A crock pot and

3. A fabulous concealer. (I adore Amazing Concealer—it can make dark circles of epic proportion go away. Also available at Sephora, FYI…)


Do you have a yearning for Tuscany? Dying to go to Iceland? Take the kids! Seriously. Traveling with kids is easier than you think.

In fact, the best time to travel is before the child is walking or before age two. Why? Because you can book your child as a lap child until she’s two years old. For longer domestic or overseas flights, this will save you beaucoup money. Also a baby is highly portable, will love being pushed around the Piazza San Marco and any hotel or inns will supply a pack and play or crib in your room for little or no cost.

Older kids? Yes, toddlers can be tough travelers, but not impossible provided you have snacks (a hungry kid is one bad passenger!) games, toys and iPad/iPod or movies at the ready. Direct flights are key at this stage! (If possible.)

School age children are even easier—they can help with “planning” of your trip and excursions, pack their carry-on bags and snacks, help pack their luggage and even love to document their adventure in travel journals.

So next time you’re feeling wanderlust, embrace it and take the family! You’ll be raising little global citizens who will learn so much about history, culture, languages, cuisine and return with a new perspective on the world.


When you have three little divas, your clothing budget shrinks. Big time.

So to make myself feel fabulous, make an old black dress look new and my white tee, blazer and skinny jean travel outfit look très chic, I turn to Bauble Bar.

I’ve recently discovered the Bauble Bar and am obsessed. Really obsessed. 12- step intervention kind of obsessed. Bauble Bar is the ultimate source for fashion jewelry at rock bottom pricing. (The owners cut out the middleman and do not charge mark up like most retailers—so mom-budget friendly!)

I love the layered necklaces and gorgeous arm armor. There is also a loyalty program so buyers earn points for every purchase. I’m saving mine to use towards the Ice Scarab Pendant. Swoon!


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