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They Want to Make Us Happy

3 Things by Wendy Hilton, Hip Homeschool Moms

3 Things by Wendy Hilton, Hip Homeschool Moms


We moms are not perfect. It’s true!

But so often we think we have to be perfect or should be perfect. I’m finally learning to give myself a break and not feel so “down” on myself when my kids aren’t perfect either.

I used to feel so horrible about myself when my kids misbehaved. I used to feel like the world’s worst mom if my children weren’t always polite and obedient. Then, I’d spend hours agonizing over each problem or incidence of disobedience or rude behavior. I totally overlooked all of the good things my kids did and all of the times they obeyed and made good decisions. I was so concerned with every little thing that was wrong that I wasn’t seeing the things that were right!

I’ve realized lately that my kiddos are much more motivated to do good things and make right decisions if I notice the things they do well — and not just the things they mess up on!

Sometimes with tweens and teens, that can be hard to do because their “mess-ups” can be big. Let me tell you, though, that they crave our approval just like younger kids do! They want to make us happy. They want us to be proud of them.

Give it a try. Make it a point to notice when your tween or teen makes a good decision, obeys nicely, helps around the house without being asked, is polite, or does something else positive. Sincerely notice the good behavior and let the child know how truly proud you are of him or her.

I’ll bet you’ll soon see a change in attitude and behavior. And if nothing else, at least you will be exhibiting a happy, positive outlook on life. And we can all use more of that!

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(Just in time for summer fruits and veggies!)

When you bring home apples, strawberries, lettuce, or other fruits or veggies from the grocery store, you don’t have to use those expensive products that are made especially for washing off wax and pesticide residue.

Instead, all you need to do is fill the (clean) sink about half way with water (more or less—just make sure you have enough water to cover all the fruits and veggies), and add about a cup of plain white vinegar. Let your fruits and veggies sit in the vinegar and water for about 10 minutes, and then rinse them off with more clean water.

Even if I buy organic fruits and veggies (which I do whenever I can), I still like to soak them in the vinegar and water just because people have handled them, and it makes me feel better to know I’ve washed them!

Buy the cheapest white vinegar you can find. There’s no need to buy the more expensive brands. One works just as well as another.


Have you heard of Red Letter Words?

They are a website that sells faith inspired art. They mainly offer prints for walls or shelves, but they also have candles and greeting cards. I learned about them at a blogging conference where I got a 5X5 print that I absolutely love! My print, which you can look at here, says, “She knew who she was in Christ, and she dared to dream big.”

I put it where I can see it every day as I go about my homeschooling, housekeeping, and blogging. It reminds me that God has big plans for my family and me! It helps me stay encouraged and motivated.

I definitely consider Red Letter Words to be a great find, and I’m glad to be able to share it with you!


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