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They Will Love What You Love

3 Things for Mom by Lindsay Boever, My Child I Love You

3 Things for Mom by Lindsay Boever, My Child I Love You


The art of raising human beings is a fascinating topic.

As mothers, we feel so much pressure to have everything running smoothly — to always be on top of our game — and because of it, we’re exhausting ourselves with what are often the wrong things.

I’ve personally found very few consistencies in how children “turn out.” So much can be out of our hands — and I fretted a lot in the early years about so many things that didn’t matter.

But I have found a few things that truly do matter.

I have observed that if the marriage is very strong than the children are usually strong. I have also noticed that if the parents are passionate about a certain issue (no matter what the issue) — the children usually adopt the same passions.

For example, I have a friend whose family loves Green Bay Packer football.  Now, my friend and her husband didn’t sit their five kids down and demand they like Packer football. They didn’t have to. Their kids have seen their excitement, the food prepared for every game, the crowd that gathers to watch — and because they have seen their passion and excitement for their sport, they have picked up on their love effortlessly. I think a lot of things with children are like that.  They will love what you love.

Growing up as the second oldest of ten children, babies were seen in our home as the equivalent of winning the lottery, every time. My parents were always very excited and grateful for each new baby. Therefore, all ten of us have that same attitude about children. We never received any formal lessons about welcoming children — we just witnessed it and felt it.

I conclude again — children will love what you love and be excited about what you are excited about, especially as they mature and get older.



If you can, start dinner in the morning.

I’ve yet to figure out why, but when the Crock Pot is already going by 9 am – and dinner is basically done — I cannot tell you how different our days go.  It’s as if I become a different person and a calmness comes over me.  I feel like I have accomplished most of what I am supposed to do for the day if dinner is already been thought of and taken care of.

Morning showers are also a game-changer. If any of our children are struggling when they wake up, I send them right to the shower — and I cannot tell you how many times they come out a different person.


I love strollers. (I own more than I ever should.)

I need them for various outings — and I like to be able to adjust which stroller I bring depending upon who I need to strap in. I have bought the whole travel systems before (which I loved), but I finally bought the inexpensive Graco Snap and Go and cannot tell you how much I love it. I love, love, love it.

It folds up really small and I can store it anywhere. And if I take everybody to Target, my older kids can push the stroller while I push the cart — and I don’t have to fill up the whole cart with the car seat. (Did I mention I love it?)


Contributor: Lindsay from My Child I Love You
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