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Time Flies When You Have a Life

3 Things by Traci Murphy, Brandywine Buzz

3 Things by Traci Murphy, Brandywine Buzz


Time flies when you’re looking for the shin guards, or packing the lunches, or signing the permission slips.

My twin boys recently turned 5. On their birthday, I spent a bit of time looking at pictures and sorting through my addled mind for the accompanying memories—and I was shocked at how much I had forgotten.

I clearly remember the twins being newborns, I clearly remember the high chair… and then, I skip right to potty training. I have almost no distinctly clear recollections of their second year. It’s known in my head as “the lost year.”

I had a demanding job, two toddlers, a pre-schooler, an endlessly messy house, and I think my brain has completely blocked it out. Photos — or the occasional song lyric (“the mommies on the bus go sh, sh, sh”) — can bring back a fuzzy and unclear memory.

The cart boy at our local grocery store always says hello to me, and it occurs to me that he may have unloaded my groceries more times than I can recall in that lost year. Who knows? Not me.

Because time flies when you have a life.




Once, one of my twins asked me if a raisin could ever be a pirate. And it was one of those endearing, fleeting moments, where the whole world went blurry and his tiny sentence and his sweet 3-year-old scratchy voice were the only clear things in it. And I remember almost that whole conversation.

Why do I remember it? Because I wrote it down. Just like taking notes when I was an undergrad at the University of Delaware, just like when I really need to remember what to pick up at the grocery store. I wrote it down.

Doesn’t matter where. You can scribble their little sweet somethings on the back of your receipt from the pharmacy, on a post-it note, on the tear-off part of the field trip permission slip, wherever.

I have a black leather-bound journal that I keep in my kitchen, and that is where I collect most of our musings – some written on the journal’s generously-lined pages, and some on scraps that are just tucked inside. If I have the extra split-second, I jot the date as well.

Then, when they make me nutty, I can flip through it for a reminder of the hilarious, sweet, salient moments of mothering.


This product is brilliant.

B R I L L I A N T.

I religiously use iCal to keep track of our appointments, events, practices, etc., but the visual week-to-week reminder is a must-have.

Mine is stuck on the side of the fridge; it’s the go-to spot to check for whatever is happening for any one of us on any given day. And this one is better than any other calendar I’ve found because it only holds the most immediate and relevant info at any given time. A quick glance and I can see a snapshot of this week and the next three weeks. After all, anything before now is irrelevant, and anything further out – save the big events – aren’t on my radar yet.


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