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We Are What We Eat

3 Things by Katie Stratton, Katie’s Pencil Box

3 Things by Katie Stratton, Katie’s Pencil Box


I turned 30 last month and it certainly has had me taking stock.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where I channel my energies — and what I get in return. How it’s so much easier to surround ourselves with “noise” and things that clutter our minds and keep us busy than it is to dig down deep and find or rediscover the few passions that really sustain us… that make us sing.

It’s trite but true — we are what we eat.

My new 30-year-old hope is to feed myself with rich experiences and good friends and the few things that are simple and mighty and true for me.


This time of year always has me itching to de-clutter, scrub down, and clean slate the house — anything to keep my fingers busy until Spring. Cleaning with fresh-cut citrus fruit is the happiest scrubbing you’ll ever do and it leaves the house smelling fantastic.

A bit of a “how to” here.

spring clean


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