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We Must Nurture Our Roots

3 Things by Micaela Preston, Mindful Momma

3 Things by Micaela Preston, Mindful Momma


People are like plants.

I heard an interesting talk recently that had me pondering my resemblance to the big Elm tree in my backyard. The discussion was about the similarity between people and plants. It’s an age-old comparison, but I was happy to sit and reflect on it for a while.

A summer storm in the Twin Cities, where I live, provided a great illustration. This ferocious storm uprooted many large, established trees in our neighborhood and around the city. Our big Elm survived, but plenty of neighboring trees did not. It begged the question—why did some trees survive the 50+ mph winds, and others fall prey? Those trees certainly looked healthy to me so why did they fall?

Perhaps it had something to do with these truths, which apply equally to people as they do to plants:

  • To thrive, we need to be nurtured, watered and fed.
  • To survive, we must establish strong, deep roots.
  • Those roots must spread out far and wide, not winding around ourselves in false protection.
  • Suffering (at least a little) makes us stronger.
  • Even when we are neglected, we will usually bounce back with a little extra nourishment.

Our root system is more important than we might think. It’s what kept that big, old Elm tree standing. It’s what helps us persevere through tough times and allows us to grow and thrive.

When the big winds blow, will you stand tall or will you fall over? What are you doing to nurture your roots?

trees in forest


I like to call this an Easy Eco Tip. It’s something that is good for the planet and so simple that it seems silly to mention. But maybe you’re not doing it so I’ll mention it anyway.

Use leftover water from water bottles to water your plants.

The water you didn’t finish after your trip to the gym. The water your kids didn’t drink at school or during after school sports. That water. Please don’t pour it down the drain! Feed it to your plants instead. 🙂


My 8-year-old son bought me the coolest gift for my birthday: a Rice Cube!

What is a Rice Cube and what does it do? A Rice Cube is a genius little plastic contraption that squeezes food into a cube shape.

First, you take some rice (sushi rice works best because it is sticky, but you can use any leftover rice really), then add another ingredient or two (salmon, avocado, carrots…whatever you want really), and finally, use the Rice Cube to squeeze everything together.

It’s cool. It’s cute. It’s healthy. And the kids can help make it. What more do you want?

Rice Cube


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