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When Mom is Afraid

3 Things by Shannon Schreiber, The Scribble Pad

3 Things by Shannon Schreiber, The Scribble Pad


I am about a month away from having my second son. And I am a nervous wreck.

Throughout my first pregnancy, I was excited, eager, but never fearful. But this second time around, after I have been through the wringer already, the nerves have practically overcome me. I wake up some days wracked with fear.

Everything from neglecting one son, to my ability to juggle two kids. But my biggest fear is to fail. I am uncertain whether or not I am cut out to be a stay-at-home mom, a new transition for me after my second will be born.

As moms, our own fears can control our household. It has been a daily challenge for me to set these fears aside. My own fears have already begun to rob me of the joy of motherhood.

So instead, I am yearning to start each day with an accomplishable goal such as make smoothies for breakfast, play trains with Behr, or write a letter to a friend. These little goals are giving me joy and redirecting my energy away from my fears.



Master your hair: It may sound crazy, but a good hair day makes all the difference.

You can throw on a t-shirt and jeans and feel great if your hair looks good. So figure out what to do and how to make it work for you. For me, washing and drying my hair every day is too time consuming, but I have naturally oily hair and struggled to find a solution.

I now take quicker showers (the steam doesn’t help my second-day hair) and wear a headband or sunglasses to keep my hair off my face. But the real secret is my trial and error to find {spoiler alert} the perfect dry shampoo.



Yup, you guessed it {or rather I spilled it} my find for motherhood is the perfect dry shampoo – Aveeno Pure Renewal. It makes a world of difference — and a single can saves me countless hours and bad hair days over the few months that it lasts. My favorite part, it is available on Amazon or Soap.com, where I already shop!


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