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Where the Wild Dreams Grow

3 Things by Kristen Kill, Hope With Feathers

3 Things by Kristen Kill, Hope With Feathers


Motherhood has made me feel like Sherlock. 

I have become a master in observation, uncovering truths about the little people in my care. I started out getting to know the patterns of my baby’s routines, learning the difference between a hungry or tired cry. Later I came to study the looks that would tell me my toddler was about to lose it and bonk someone atop the head—or that sideways glance that spoke of their anxiety in a new place.

Now that my kids are older, I’m doing a lot of listening and a lot seeking to really see and understand them. Sometimes it feels crazy and way bigger than me.

These kids have wild dreams.

Their ideas aren’t always realistic, but they are beyond brave and just want a chance to try. Their courage surprises me and and I’m finding that some of my own wild ideas are awakening alongside theirs.

Where exactly did I let some of my dreams go? Why did I bury them?

So, now I’m part-Sherlock, part-Cheerleader, on the hunt to help them uncover their gifts, to find the place in real life where their passions and the needs of those around them intersect. I’m teaching them how to live a life fully awake and ready to benefit others.

And because of it, I’ve never felt more alive myself.

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I dream of being a morning person, of waking up to the quiet of dawn and preparing my home and heart for the day ahead.

What wonder must the morning hold when you can take a shower without someone swinging open the curtain to ask you to grab milk out of the fridge for their Honey O’s, or find their Skylander or let the dog out!

I’ve slowly come to peace with the fact that its just not going to happen for me. I already adore sleep in a way that is really unreasonable, and now I have a teenager who rivals my night owl tendencies. Late night talks are when she opens up and lets her true self shine. It’s a magic window of time when I’m welcomed into her secret world of thoughts and ideas. I’m not going to miss that, ever.

In an effort to bring sanity to my life, I’ve become obsessed with coffee and am willing to try every shortcut to make it more awesome. Did you know that you can prep your French Press overnight? Angels are literally singing in my kitchen over the time I save in the morning with this trick, officially coined The Cold Press Method.

Just prep your coffee in the French Press the night before and pop it in the fridge, without actually “pressing” it. Then in the morning, complete the process and just warm it up. The coffee loses all of its acidic flavor that forces you to sweeten it. Its the definition of smooth. Yum.


Just thinking about how to prep meals, snacks and school lunches that are healthy for four kiddos makes me want to hide under my covers and weep like a teeny baby.

One of my children is on the outs with pasta right now because it’s slimy—another one wants to avoid all things red, because it’s not a girly color and I’m just done. I know I could just tell them to get over it, but my children would rather starve than not pick what color vegetable is in their lunchbox.

La La Lunch Box is changing how we roll.

Available in both breakfast and lunch apps on your smart phone, kids are able to take charge of the food they eat within boundaries set by parents using a fully customizable food library that is beautiful, and feels like a video game.

The best part? Its can synch with your weekly grocery list and basically change your life forever.


Contributor: Kristen from Hope With Feathers and the New York Perch, Mom Heart Editor at I Take Joy
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