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Words You Shouldn’t Be Scared Of

3 Things by Rachel Balducci, Testosterhome

3 Things by Rachel Balducci, Testosterhome


Two phrases I’ve learned you can never say too often: “I love you” and “I’m sorry.” Never be afraid to say either of these!

The other morning we were trying to get out the door to school and I caught our youngest son trying to ride down our staircase in a sleeping bag (“But mom! I put pillows at the bottom to protect me!”). I did not react well to this madness.

Of course I needed to correct my son; unfortunately everybody caught the brunt of my agitation. On the way to school, I apologized to my older boys. I had freaked out and it was a mess!

Somedays I wonder if love means always having to say you’re sorry.

But you know what? I’d rather be happy than “right.” It’s true I shouldn’t be a martyr. And none of us should take the blame for something we didn’t do. But in family life — in human life! — being willing to admit when you’re wrong can make everything so much easier.

Likewise, I never end a conversation with a loved one without saying “I love you.” My parents taught us that growing up — my dad learned a sad lesson when his last conversation with his father was strained — and we’ve always been quick to tell each other how much they mean to us. Even if you feel a little silly — just do it!

Love goes so far, doesn’t it?

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Here’s my secret to getting the job done: KISS — Keep It Simple, Sister. I apply this method often and without reserve. Here are a few examples:

*My filing system is one three-ring binder with a tabbed section for each child. Everything is there — field trip info, report deadlines, class directory. I just need to flip through the book. I also have a section for my menus, house ideas and chore charts for the kids.

*For too long, my perfectionism was a major hinderance. Cooking for a person in need, for example, felt overwhelming since a gourmet meal in the middle of basketball carpools was out of the question (never mind my inability to cook gourmet). These days, a simple approach allows me to say yes to helping others because a rotisserie chicken from Costco and two sides is very doable indeed. Throw in a bottle of wine and a bar of really good chocolate and, well, what’s not to love about that?

*Keep the house clean with this simple approach: have less stuff! The less stuff you have, the easier it is to pick up, and the fewer places you need to store all that stuff. Ask any person with a tidy house and they will tell you their secret — purge. Simple!


Years ago when my children were small and napped and I could watch afternoon television, I saw an episode of Oprah where she talked about wearing the right bra. It changed my life. No exaggeration. I am serious. There are lots of great brands out there (I’m partial to Wacoal), but the key is to get fitted at a reputable department store or lingerie shop (I don’t want to dis anyone but Frederick and Vicky aren’t what I mean).

It will make your clothes look and feel great. Proper undergarments might not solve all your problems, but it might just get you halfway there!


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