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You Are Courageous

3 Things by Emily McKhann, The Motherhood

3 Things by Emily McKhann, The Motherhood


Moms are courage personified.

Remember this Maya Angelou quote?

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically — but nothing consistently without courage.”

And to take it one step further: the word “courage” comes from “coeur” – meaning “heart” in French – so courage essentially means acting from the heart. And we en-courage others by getting them to follow their heart.

Isn’t that what we as moms do every day?

We bring our hearts to raise our families, do our jobs, help out in our communities, handle the medical emergencies, take care of our parents, put food on the table, do what we think is right and good, and so much more — day in and day out, consistently.

Even on the days when our ‘to do’ lists are never-ending, and nothing looks or feels anything close to being good enough, we’re all out there doing the best we can, trying to make things a little better, every day. Courageously.

So Hollywood might give the impression that courage is all about battles won or other big screen glory, but that’s not the type of courage that I see rocking the mom blogosphere and my town every day. I see the courage of moms in action, bringing their heart, encouragement and conviction to all that they do each and every day.

I hope you’ll take a moment today to acknowledge your own courageous greatness. And for all your mom-friends who are shouldering a ton and pushing on, acknowledge their courageous hearts too!

Emily with girls and Piper


I remember a friend saying that she grew up not knowing which her mother loved more — her kids or their immaculate house.

Her mom was so fixated on everything being tidy and perfect that my friend and her brothers and sisters couldn’t play in the living room, make a mess on the counters or play with their toys without their mom stressing about the mess and the clean-up. And God forbid they play in the living room.

I’ve taken this story to heart, not because I’ve got the OCD clean gene (I don’t!), but because it reminds me that when my kids ask me to do things with them (“Hey Mom, can we make brownies?” “Mom, want to jump on the trampoline?” “Mom, I need to ask you something …”), I want my instinct to be them first, house chores second.

I want to remember to put down the food I’m preparing, the shirt I’m folding, the laptop I’m typing away on, and listen and be there with them.

So here’s the tip:

When your kids ask for your attention, give it. And when they’re creating and playing, enjoy. You can clean up together later.

(And let them play in the living room.)


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