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Your Kids Will Do What You Do

3 Things by Margo Porras, Nacho Mama’s Blog

3 Things by Margo Porras, Nacho Mama’s Blog


If you’re a mom, you MUST make yourself a priority. Seriously, this is mandatory, ladies.

I know, I know, but my kids are my top priority and they come first, right? Look, we’ve all heard the “oxygen mask on the airplane” analogy before, but here’s the thing: our kids emulate our behavior.

So before you skip your workout, your yoga or your next checkup, ask yourself, “Is this what I want my daughter to do when she grows up — to put everyone else’s needs ahead her own health and well being?”

The truth is: If that’s what she sees, then that’s what she’ll do.

If we want our kids to grow up and take care of their own minds, bodies and spirits, it’s up to us moms to show them how — by doing it for ourselves.


As a lot of my readers know, I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life.

I’m very proud to say that I’ve recently reached my goal weight, following the Weight Watchers plan and losing 73 pounds.

One of my favorite “tricks” is to makeover recipes using lighter or healthier ingredients. Next time you have to bring cupcakes to your kid’s class or bake a birthday cake for a family member, save yourself some time and effort – as well as LOTS of fat and calories – by combining a box cake mix with 2 cups of sparkling water, and NOTHING ELSE. Then bake as directed.

Trust me, no one will miss the oil or eggs!

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Here’s something most folks don’t know about me: I LOVE to buy things from HSN! Seriously, I have gotten some amazing stuff from them.

One of the best things I ever “bought off the TV” was a My Little Steamer by Joy Mangano.

I gave up dry cleaning the day I became a mom and I hate ironing, but this little steamer is strong enough to get the wrinkles out of everything from my husband’s dress shirts to curtains to silk.

I never go on a trip without packing my steamer in my bag (I’ve had many hotel ironing mishaps) and after more than 10 years, it’s still going strong! All that for under $25? Come on!


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