Here’s a list of the wise women who have contributed to 3 Things for Mom (updated weekly):


Lauren Warner, Founder and Editor [See all “From the Editor” posts]
Beth Berry, Revolution from Home [“The Perfection Trap”]
Amber Dusick, Crappy Pictures [“Making Time for Free Time”]
Heather Flett, Rookie Moms [“Choose the One Thing”]
Elke Govertsen, Mamalode magazine [“We Need Each Other”]
Meagan Francis, The Happiest Mom [“Write Your Own Story”]
Nici Holt Cline, Dig this Chick [“Dead Ends Don’t Exist”]
Devon Corneal, The Huffington Post [“You Are Stronger than You Think”]
Melanie Blodgett, You are My Fave [“The Truth About Making Friends”]
Allison Slater Tate, [“Enjoy the Ride”]
Katie Stratton, Katie’s Pencil Box [“We Are What We Eat”]
Lisa-Jo Baker, Tales From a Gypsy Mama [“Mom Sets the Mood”]
Shannan Martin, Flower Patch Farm Girl [“Find Your Delicious”]
Tracy Morrison, Sellabit Mum [“Real Life Goes On Here”]
Amy Lupold Bair, Resourceful Mommy [“Choose Happy”]
KJ Dell’Antonia, New York Times Motherlode [“Do What You’re Doing”]
Anna Luther, My Life and Kids [“Fake Farts Make All the Difference”]
Bridget Hunt, It’s a Hunt Life [“Our Own Worst Enemies”]
Judy Gruen, Mirth and Meaning [“Don’t Forget Your Vitamin L”]
Shannon Schreiber, The Scribble Pad [“When Mom is Afraid”]
Rivka Caroline, Frazzled to Focused [“From Frazzled to Focused”]
Pilar Guzman, Editor-in-Chief of Martha Stewart Living [“The Hard Work of Being Good”]
Molly Balint, Mommy Coddle [“I Want to Be a ‘Yes'”]
Melanie Shankle, The Big Mama Blog [“Not Enough Time (Or Toilet Paper)”]
Lindsay Boever, My Child I Love You [“They Will Love What You Love”]
Mary Ostyn, Owlhaven [“A Family That Plays Together”]
Lindsey Mead, A Design So Vast [“Feeling Hurt? It’s Not About You.”]
Melissa Lanz, The Fresh 20 [“What Would My Kids Say?”]
Wendy Flynn, One Tough Mother Runner [“The Hobby That Changed My Life”]
Wendy Bradford, Mama One to Three [“Less Whine and More Wine”]
Hallie Lord, Moxie Wife [“The Gift of Imperfection”]
Leslie Marinelli, The Bearded Iris [“I Suddenly Have a Mom Mullet”]
Michelle Lehnardt, Scenes from the Wild [“Big Kids Need Tucking In, Too”]
Nina Badzin, [“Shine and Let Others Shine”]
Debbie Koenig, Words to Eat By [“We’re All Just Faking It”]
Rachel Balducci, Testosterhome [“Words You Shouldn’t Be Scared Of”]
Kimberley Clayton Blaine, TheGoToMom.TV [“Moms, Don’t Be Camera Shy”]
Kristen Levithan, Motherese [“It’s Not Always All On Me”]
Amber Strocel, [“Know What You Need”]
Stacie Billis, One Hungry Mama [“I’m Not Above Asking for Help“]
Kathryn Whitaker, Team Whitaker [“Learn to Love the Unplanned“]
Jill Herzig, Editor-in-Chief of Redbook [“Sometimes It’s Best to Do Nothing”]
Alicia Ybarbo, producer at NBC’s TODAY [“The Secret To ‘Me’ Time”]
Dana Points, Editor-in-Chief of Parents [“The Dishes Can Wait”]
Rachel Hollis, My Chic Life [“Permission To Be Awesome”]
Erin, Home with the Boys [“Our Kids Are Capable”]
Rachel Turiel, 6512 and Growing [“The Romance of Gratitude”]
Shawn Ledington Fink, Awesomely Awake [“Being Together is Enough”]
Danielle Smith, Extraordinary Mommy [“It’s Okay to Drop Some Balls”]
Ronnie Tyler, Black and Married with Kids [“It’s Hard to Forgive Yourself”]
Christine Koh, Boston Mamas [“Done is Better Than Perfect”]
Ilana Wiles, Mommy Shorts [“Sleep When Baby Sleeps? Not.”]
Stacey Ferguson, Justice Fergie [“Cheer for Your Cheerleaders”]
Kristin Shaw, Two Cannoli [“You Know Your Child Best”]
Aviva Goldfarb, The Scramble [“Always the Potential for Good”]
Margo Porras, Nacho Mama [“Your Kids Will Do What You Do”]
Emily McKhann, The Motherhood [“You Are Courageous”]
Jane Maynard, This Week for Dinner [“Savor Even the Hard Seconds”]
Mary Ann Zoellner, producer at NBC’s TODAY [“Play Like a Dad”]
Lian Dolan, [“Life is Serious Enough”]
Maria Bailey, Mom Talk Radio [Take Time to Celebrate You]
Christie Matheson, Stroller Traffic [“Nothing Better Than Coming Home”]
Carla Naumburg, [“You Are Not Your Thoughts”]
Jenny Lee Sulpizio, [“I’m Not Above Mom Jeans”]
Kimberly Coleman, Foodie City Mom [“Follow Your Own Inner Voice”]
Missy Stevens, Wonder, Friend [“Nice Things Are Still Just Things“]
Rachel Jankovic, Femina Girls [“It’s Not Supposed to Be Easy“]
Megan Brooks, Texas Health Moms [“The Love Language of Listening“]
Carissa Rogers, Good N Crazy [Here’s to Embracing Change]
Dina Freeman, BabyCenter [“Learn to Swim in the Deep End“]
Elizabeth Grant Thomas, [“It’s Easier to See Light in Darkness“]
Wendy Hilton, Hip Homeschool Moms [“They Want to Make Us Happy“]
Renée Schuls-Jacobson, [“Beware of Emotional Vampires“]
Shannon Lell, [“Don’t Be Afraid to Sparkle]
Bunmi Laditan, Honest Toddler [“What Makes You a Writer]
Erin Dymoski, Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms [“What I’d Tell My Younger Self]
Lyss Stern, [“Those Who Matter Don’t Mind]
Debra Shigley, In Deb’s Kitchen [“Feeling Bad? Do Good.“]
Jessica Wolstenholm, Grace for Moms [“Be Comfortable in Your Skin“]
Dr. Kathleen Berchelmann, Children’s Mom Docs [“Better Sleep Makes Better Parents“]
{Father’s Day Special Guest} Matt Warner, The Radical Life [“Most Important Thing Dad Can Do]
{Father’s Day Special Guest} Dr. Harley Rotbart, No Regrets Parenting [“Division of Labor“]
{Father’s Day Special Guest} Michael Hyatt,[“Getting it Down Helps Get it Done“]
{Father’s Day Special Guest} Michael Mitchell, Life to Her Years [“No Such Thing as a Perfect Parent“]
{Father’s Day Special Guest} Steve Wiens, [“A Lesson in Love—From a Rash]
{Father’s Day Special Guest} Jason Good, [“How’d Parents Survive Before TV?“]
Rachel Stafford, Hands Free Mama [“A Rare and Beautiful Gift“]
Grace Patton, Camp Patton [“Getting Help Isn’t Cheating“]
Tracy Beckerman, Lost in Suburbia [“Still Working on My Inner Cool“]
Amy Pence Brown, Doin’ It All, Idaho Style [“Love the Body You’re In“]
Kyra Phillips, Raising America [“The Importance of Affection“]
Stacey Delo, [“You Have to Own It“]
Traci Murphy, Brandywine Buzz [“Time Flies When You Have a Life“]
Bernadette Noll, Slow Family Living [“Don’t Beat Yourself Up“]
Amy McCready, Positive Parenting Solutions [“Keep Calm and Lower the Volume“]
Deborah Roberts, ABC News 20/20 [“Exactly Where I Belong“]
Lindsey Gladstone, DailyCandy [“I Love/Hate Technology“]
Simcha Fisher, I Have to Sit Down [“Story Time: Not Just for Little Kids“]
Hollye Jacobs, The Silver Pen [“Looking For the Silver Lining“]
Adrienne Hedger, [“We Could All Use More Silly“]
Sarah, Clover Lane [“What Really Counts in the End“]
Lisa Hendey, [“Enjoy the Party You’re At“]
Wendi Aarons, [“Stay Above the Fray“]
Kara Fleck, [“Give the Gift of Boredom“]
Alyssa Kolsky Hertzig, The Sparkly Life [“I’m the Mommy Now“]
Suzanna Vicinus, Seacoast Kids Calendar [“My People Are Still Here“]
Dawn Camp, My Home, Sweet Home [“Don’t Let Fear Steal Your Peace“]
Marissa Kraxberger, George & Ruby [“It’s OK to Break Your Own Rules“]
Alysa Bajenaru, inspiredRD [“I’m Learning to Give Myself Grace“]
Maureen Smithe, Homemade Mothering [“I Am in Charge of How I Feel“]
Katrina Anne Willis, Table for Six [“Your Relationship Comes First“]
Amanda de Beaufort, Coos and Ahhs [“Letting Go of a Tidy House“]
Maureen Wallace, [“Most People Mean Well“]
Alice Currah, Savory Sweet Life [“The Best is Yet to Come“]
Laura Kumin, Mother Would Know [“Don’t Give Up on Challenging Kids“]
Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely [“Where We Love is Home“]
Kristin van Ogtrop, Managing Editor of Real Simple magazine [“Life is Beautiful and Heartbreaking“]
Caroline Campion, Devil and Egg [“Mishaps Make the Best Stories“]
Elizabeth Thorp, [“There May Never Be Balance“]
Ashley Muir Bruhn, Hither & Thither [“Just Do It Already“]
Jordan Page, The Fun, Cheap or Free Queen [“Talking About Money Matters“]
Catherine Newman, Real Simple magazine [“This is Your Actual Life“]
Kristen Kill, Hope With Feathers [“Where the Wild Dreams Grow“]
Nicole Bennett, Gidget Goes Home [“We Are Not Alone“]
Jennifer Sbranti, Hostess with the Mostess [“Happiness is More Than Gold Stars“]
Julie Cole, Co-Founder of Mabel’s Labels Inc. [“Don’t Have the ‘I’m Done’ Gene“]
Peg Moline, Founding Editor, Fit Pregnancy [“The Love Language of Lunch“]
Princess Ivana, [“Be a Citizen of the World“]
Jessica Turner, The Mom Creative [“Me Time Makes Me Better“]
Heidi Gollub, Free Fun in Austin [“We’re All Trying to Keep Balance“]
Micaela Preston, Mindful Momma [“We Must Nurture Our Roots“]