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Our Own Worst Enemies

3 Things by Bridget Hunt, It’s a Hunt Life

3 Things by Bridget Hunt, It’s a Hunt Life


“Comparison is the thief of joy.” — Theodore Roosevelt

He couldn’t have been more spot on with this quote. At times, I struggle with this.

In this world of blogging, where everyone (usually) puts their best foot forward with each post, it’s easy to feel like you come up short.

It’s easy to wonder if you’re the only one still in pajamas at 5 pm putting peanut butter and jellies out as dinner. It’s hard to remember that a post is just a pint-sized piece of one’s day. And, more than likely, it’s what we wanted to remember, what we were proud of.

Sometimes we women can be our own worst enemies.

Instead of looking outside, we need to turn inside and try to do the best we can with what we have. And if what we have includes health and love — then we’re already ahead of the game.


The crockpot has always been my best friend — but when I discovered that I could use it for more than just chili-simmering, but actually cooking raw meat (and thus not having to handle the slimy uncooked chicken) — it was a game-changer.

Also, it makes for the moistest chicken. It’s pretty fool-proof and pretty fabulous. Here’s some more info on what I did with some of my cooked chicken.

Also, after dinner when the kitchen’s getting cleaned, motown music makes the job so much more fun. (So I guess that’s two tips.)


I am a big smells person. Having a candle burning throughout the day quickly ups the cozy feeling in my home, plus the vanilla and lavender scent in the air makes me more relaxed.

I just bought one of these great essential oil diffusers. It’s even better than a candle, because so many essential oils actually have major health benefits — from cleansing and purifying to relaxation and stress relief. I’m discovering more every day.


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