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3 Things by Tracy Morrison, Sellabit Mum

3 Things by Tracy Morrison, Sellabit Mum


I didn’t come into motherhood naturally.

When I was in college I would tell people that in a few years you would find me in my penthouse apartment in New York City. It would be decorated in white and chrome, and completely uninviting to small guests. Breakables and hard-to-clean fabrics would be my accessories of choice and my cat would be a snobby, pure white Persian.

I would have an executive job, a designer wardrobe, and by all accounts it seems like I was planning to live alone — and live a life as lonely as my surroundings.

I look around now at my house with well-worn couches that we bought the month our first daughter was born. They are scratched to hell at the corners from the shelter cats we’ve owned over the years, and I’ve resorted to covering them with quilts to cover the stains from spills, spit-up and I hate to say it, but probably a fair share of baby pee from diaper changes.

I don’t own expensive crystal vases that sit upon my end tables. Instead you will find stacks of books that only a seven-year-old girl can appreciate, some random plastic animals from my toddler, and a retainer case that belongs to my tween.

But if you consider Target a designer boutique like I do, well my wardrobe dreams have clearly come true.

So while you may not be impressed by our old, lived-in house in the Midwest, you can tell that real and loving life goes on here.



Keep life simple and let your children enjoy the small things.

You can’t afford a vacation this year? Camp out in your backyard or even in your living room. Stay in a hotel room in your city for a night and act like tourists. Kids will remember the times you served them cereal and milk for dinner and you all sat around on the living room floor telling stories more than they will remember that trip to Mexico when you were all stressed out going through customs.

Memories are funny that way — the best ones are made when little effort is put into them.


This will be a bit girl-centric — but hey, I’m a mom of three girls so I think I get a pass here. I cannot brag enough about American Girl magazine.

Whether or not you actually own American Girl dolls or any dolls for that matter, this magazine is such a great resource. It’s full of positive messages for tween girls — with craft ideas, giving ideas, inspirational stories, friendship tips, and ways to get involved with your community and world.

With so many negative influences and time-sucks in today’s world — this is such a bright spot for us and we all look forward to it arriving in the mailbox.


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