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We Need Each Other

3 Things by Elke Govertsen, Founder of Mamalode magazine

3 Things by Elke Govertsen, Founder of Mamalode magazine


If I know anything it is this: we need each other.

As moms, I think we can get so focused on meeting our families’ needs that we forget our own. Together our capacity grows, our laughter, our patience, our ability to enjoy this life. There are so many ways to separate people: categories, labels, titles. It is really important to hold tight to the things that bring us closer, especially to people who we think are very different.

My company is Mamalode and it is built around this ideal of connection. The platform is less important than the result—moms understanding each other, understanding themselves, knowing they are not alone. We are in this together.


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I think Baking Soda can fix about anything. If not, try duct tape or castor oil depending on if the broken item is alive. Other than that, probably the only real wisdom I can impart is that snacks really help. So do cozy socks.

No wait, I have a good one—my friend Amy Pence-Brown (an internet friend whom I adore that I finally met in person over Thanksgiving) has a family motto that I have totally taken on: “We can do hard things.” That’s it. That is the best thing I can share. The best thing I know.

We can do hard things. Especially together.


I tell everyone about Oula, which is seriously the funnest workout ever. Funnest. Workout. Ever.

It started in my hometown of Missoula, MT, and is growing fast. It’s like clubbing and exercise had a baby — and that baby was oula. I honestly don’t really like working out, or at least not enough to make the time for it, but I actually set my calendar around Oula. It makes me happy. It makes me feel sexy. It makes me sweat. It makes me laugh.

If you don’t have Oula in your town, consider starting it. Seriously it is a great business model, a ton of fun and above all they have created a community centered around joy. Not a bad thing to bring to your life.


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