About 3 Things for Mom

[We just launched January 2013!]

Dear reader,

I’m a big blog lover and I never feel like I have enough time to read all the blogs I want (do you feel the same?) Then one day, I had an “aha moment.” What if — I thought — there were a quick-read resource where different inspiring moms could share just 3 things: a “truth” (a life lesson, observation or insight), a “tip” (a practical “how-to” shared in the sisterhood) and a “find” (a product you tell all your friends about).

And thus, 3ThingsforMom.com was born.

My vision for 3ThingsforMom.com is for it to be a morning dose of inspiration — where 3 times a week, you’ll be able to take in your 3 Things over a cup of Joe. Discover new mom writers. Cool tips. Neat products. Fresh perspectives.

Imagine all the good things that can come from just 3 things.

Glad you’re here,

Founder and Editor, 3ThingsforMom.com
Personal blog: Sipping Lemonade